Sunday, August 14, 2005

Once Again....

This space is not here for judgmental holier-than-thou intellectual beings who have no right to superimpose their beliefs on others.

I closed commenting off due to people thinking they have the inherent right to cynicize everything in my life.

It's not your life, nor your space, for this to occur. Go play in traffic somewhere.

Geesh - no one should have to explain why or how someone blogs.

One more comment, and I will just eliminate commenting at all.

Hasn't your mother ever taught you that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?

End of sermon - back to regular mundane boring life for some of you higher beings.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Yay, Kelly!

I did the kitchen mission today!

I know she says not to put things away – but what the heck, I did! I had a stack of Tupperware sitting there – put that away. I had my basket where I keep plastic silverware for parties out since April – put that away. Pitched a whole bunch of junk. Put the water bottles up on the shelf in the laundry room. Took excess prescription bottles upstairs. And I wiped EVERYTHING down!

Whoohoo – that made me feel good! One small babystep, but there’s a heck of a LONG way to go!

Small mall walk....

today when buying shoes and products from Clinique. Took the youngest DS with me – so we skedaddled. About 1/2 mile or 1/2 hour, I’d say. Exhilarating, but probably not enough.

And so it begins....

Another school year....I have to be back at school for a luncheon on Wednesday, then Thurday am for breakfast and another lunch for good....the onslaught will hit me.

I still haven't written my curriculum. I guess I better finally get typing.

I feel pretty successful in that I've ordered the house a little - but this year will be a killer school year for 10 y.o. DS, so I best get going.

I miss my life of literacy - writing and reading - the easier job of teaching remedial reading.

Just went for my yearly well woman exam also. Gotta do my second mammogram. Yuck...

and boy was that scale creeping up on me. The job has really taken a toll on my psyche, with restricting my reading and my healthy diet.

I am clenching my fists and gritting my teeth, like a teenager dragged onto a rollercoaster ride, when I think of going back.

Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing - the move to another district, leaving journalism to teach, marrying, the whole kitten kaboodle.

And then by December, I get to thinking I did.....

We'll see what kind of year this will be. Keep a stiff upper lip and a positive outlook - let's see if that will get me through it!

And yet another gem....

Because I just like to see what everyone is up to...

Fun and spunky, you link, there for you are! This
is all fun and games, and you do what you
damned well please!

What kind of blogger am I?
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I just had to! Hee hee!

The Cheshire Cat! You're a sly cat who grins on the
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Ok...had the walk!

Today, I was well-meaning in getting up at 8 and desiring to hit some majestic beautiful sights of St. Louis on a walk with the dog and my camera. Instead….I putzed around on the computer until noon, when my youngest asked me to take him with me on a walk. He, being the art afficionado he is, wanted to go to the Laumeier Sculpture Park, to which he has been numerous times, even knowing where all the sculptures are and the names of them (if he hasn’t coined a cute name himself). So we went…dog, son, camera and me…and we hiked…and hiked….I ended up snapping 53 or so shots – testing out my architecture angles and settings. Check them all out in flickr if you choose. And I’m sure we walked for over an hour…trekking up hills and down wooded paths…it felt good, but I was HOT, starved, and tired by the time we were finished.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

'Tis Done!

Okies….I joined…and I registered 4 books at bookcrossing.

Commit random acts of literacy! Read & Release at
Book Crossing

And here's my wish list:

I’m going to release my first one to my manicurist, then plan on leaving the other three at different places in my city, since it’s not proliferated there.

This is kinda cool, and I am hesitant and nervous, but I figure – what the heck! Sistert’s comments really encouraged me to think about this in a new light!