Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok...had the walk!

Today, I was well-meaning in getting up at 8 and desiring to hit some majestic beautiful sights of St. Louis on a walk with the dog and my camera. Instead….I putzed around on the computer until noon, when my youngest asked me to take him with me on a walk. He, being the art afficionado he is, wanted to go to the Laumeier Sculpture Park, to which he has been numerous times, even knowing where all the sculptures are and the names of them (if he hasn’t coined a cute name himself). So we went…dog, son, camera and me…and we hiked…and hiked….I ended up snapping 53 or so shots – testing out my architecture angles and settings. Check them all out in flickr if you choose. And I’m sure we walked for over an hour…trekking up hills and down wooded paths…it felt good, but I was HOT, starved, and tired by the time we were finished.