Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oh Muh Gawd....ready to party?????

Ok – everyone who has been following this drama:

I HAVE A SINK!!!! Ok – before you break out the champagne – don’t yet – it’s not installed yet.

It’s sitting in the laundry room placed where it’s going to be connected – and hubby says TODAY!

He says at breakfast – do you want a short or long faucet.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG - I almost pissed my pants!

It’s there – it’s just not connected…..

Now…as with everything – for example, when I first met him – like a month into our relationship, I said I needed to put a speakers for my nice new Kenwood stereo in my oil-guzzling, smoking Honda CVCC (yeah, like a 1979), and he says – OHHHH, I can do that for you! So I ask him how long it will take – he waves his hand and me and guffaws – oh, bout an hour…...SIX HOURS LATER and my doors are off my car, taken apart, I tell him I’ve got to go to work sometime! He does get it done, but it was a rigamorole.

This will be the sink saga, too – as almost 20 years later, it’s the predictable problem-solving pattern of my DH.

But I will hug him when he finally does get it in….and I’m sooooo close I can taste it!!!

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